May 28, 2024

Android TV, despite being considered somewhat outdated, remains a popular smart TV interface and is now receiving enhancements from Google. Google recently announced the introduction of a new Shop tab for Android TV, replacing the previous Google Play Movie and TV app found on Android smartphones.

The primary purpose of the Shop tab is two-fold. Firstly, it serves as a central location for purchasing the latest movies through video-on-demand services. However, the Shop tab goes beyond just Google’s offerings. It also includes movies available from all connected streaming services and Google TV, ensuring that any movie available for rent or purchase can be found in one place.

Furthermore, the Shop tab extends to content that users already own. Any purchases made on a user’s Google account, including those made on YouTube, Google TV, and Android TV devices, can be found in the Your Library section of the Shop tab. Users can easily access and watch these movies directly from the Shop tab.

Not only will Android TV feature the Shop tab, but it will also be available on the Google TV app for Android phones and tablets. This allows users to buy or rent the latest movies and download previously owned ones to watch at their convenience.

The Shop tab will gradually roll out to Android TV devices in the coming weeks, with availability worldwide, including the United States. However, Google notes that certain features may not be accessible in all countries or languages.

To locate the Shop tab on Android TV, users will find it adjacent to the Home tab. On the Google TV mobile app, it can be found next to the For You tab.

It is worth noting that the Shop tab has not been mentioned for Google TV, the newer smart TV interface developed by Google as a replacement for Android TV. While both platforms operate on the Android TV OS and receive updates through Android TV OS 14, they possess distinct user interfaces and features. Given that the announcement specifically refers to Android TV and the Google TV app for mobile devices, it is likely that Google will introduce the Shop tab to Google TV in the future, following its success on the Android TV platform.